Height   -    6'0"
Waist     -    31”
Collar    -    15.5”
Suit        -    38
Inseam  -    34"
Shoes    -    11 US | 44 EUR
Eyes      -    Brown 
Hair       -    Black

Jeremy Anthony is an international male model, film and television actor currently represented by NEXT (Toronto, Canada). Born and raised in Toronto, Canada his parents hail from the Caribbean (his mother from Grenada and his father from Bermuda). 

Prior to the entertainment industry, Jeremy was engaged in the legal industry working as a law clerk for the legal regulatory for the province of Ontario. He completed his legal studies at Centennial College (Toronto, Canada), his bachelor of arts degree in psychology from York University, his certificate in management from the Schulich School of Business, a leadership essential certificate from the University of Toronto and was accepted into York University's Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law. Jeremy currently undertakes training for film and television at Armstrong Acting Studios.

Jeremy is also a single father of two young kings. He enjoys travelling, spending time with family, working out in the gym and photography.

"I have always held the desire to be in front of the camera and bring out a hidden side of myself. An alternative version to the quiet observer, as I usually appear to be. Acting and modelling provide me with the opportunity to share my experiences, emotions and stories with others in creative ways. It has been my dream since I was in elementary school. Somewhere along the journey I realized I had lost my passion, buried it deep inside, so far that I didn't even realize it still existed. I have since found it again, that life-giving light inside and I am inspired to continue shining, learning and perfecting the craft while enjoying every moment of the journey."

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